Virgo Systems Ltd.’s
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Virgo Systems Kft. would like you to know the following in relation to its website’s personal data management. Virgo Systems Kft. (based: 25 Óváros Square, Veszprém 8200; VAT Number: 12497278-2-42; business registration number: 01-09-689231) manages your personal data according to this privacy policy.


1.  Collector and authorised data collectors, data protection officer

The collector is the Virgo Systems Kft. The collector owns and manages the following websites:,,

Virgo Systems Kft. nominated the following data protection officer:


2.  The processing of personal data collected through our website

2.1 Basis and purposes of processing data The lawful basis of our data processing is your voluntary consent based declaration. We’re processing your data to identify you and to send you feedback.

2.2 Processed data types and how long we store your data When contacting us we process your name, email address and phone number. Processing ends on concluding your inquiry. You can withdraw your consent any time by contacting us on any channels down below. We’d like to inform you that your withdrawal of your consent doesn’t affect the lawful basis of the processing of your data prior to your withdrawal.

2.3 Personnels handling your data Your provided data will be used by members of our sales division only to the extent that allows them to complete the request you sent them.


3.  Cookie policy

3.1 Cookies and web beacons A cookie is a little information package made of letters and numbers. The web server automatically sends the cookie to the visitor’s browser upon first loading of the site. The visitor’s computer or mobile device stores the cookie for a time period defined by the person placing the cookie. When next visiting the website the browser sends back the cookie to the web server. Then the web server based on the received data can identify the computer or mobile device sending the cookie and can connect cookies sent by the same device. The cookie provides the web server with information on activities between visits. The web beacon is a small, often not recognizable image placed on the website. Placing web beacons gives statistical data on the visitors movements on the site. Virgo Systems Kft. places cookies and web beacons on their sites to recognize visitors that previously already have been on their websites, to monitor the visitor’s interests, to perfect user experience, to display personal ads and to make the websites more secure.

3.2 The lawful basis and purposes of processing The lawful bases of processing is your consent that can be managed or withdrawn any time in the browser settings. The purposes of the processing are to identify users, to differentiate them from each other, to identify users’ actual processes, to store data they share and to prevent data loss.

3.3 Processed data types and the length of the processing Processing includes personal identification numbers, dates and times. Visitors and users of the website are affected by it.

Cookie type Cookie’s purpose Expiration date
SESS# Session cookie, required to display the site and to ensure basic functionalities session
_ga Unique measuring code that generates statistical data of the website usage 2 year
_gat Google Analytics measuring code excelerator session
_gid Unique measuring code that generates statistical data of the website usage 2 year
collect Sends visitor’s device data to Google Analytics session
pll_language Language 1 year


3.4 The receivers of personal data The recorded data is processed by Virgo Systems Ltd.’s employees. We don’t use automated decision-making on the recorded cookies, we don’t collect personal data of you from third parties.


4.  Processing personal data of under 16 persons

Personal data of every person under 16 years of age can be processed only with parental consent. The processor can not inspect the consenting person’s rights or the details of their consent therefore users and their parents must ensure that the consent was lawful. The processor doesn’t collect personal data of under 16 users without a declaration of consent. Should we find out that we collected personal data of a child under 16 years of age we make urgent steps to start the erasing process.


5.  Data subject’s rights

5.1 You are always entitled to ask for information from Virgo Systems Ltd. about your personal data mentioned in this declaration that they process, the purpose of processing, the lawful basis, the length of the processing and about who revives your data and for what purpose. (in case of all proccessings)

5.2 You are always entitled to ask Virgo Systems Ltd. to correct inaccuracy in your personal data or to complete your missing personal data. (in case of all proccessings)

5.3 You are always entitled to request the transfer of processed personal data of you stored online to you or to other processors in a general format. (in case of all proccessings)

5.4 You are always entitled to ask Virgo Systems Ltd. to limit processing. In case of limited processing Virgo Systems Ltd. can only process with your consent, or to support legal requirement enforcement, or to protect someone else’s personal right except processing personal data. You can request limited processing if:

5.5 You are always entitled to ask Virgo Systems Kft. to remove your personal data. Virgo Systems Kft. will delete your personal data if:

Virgo Systems Kft. investigates all processing related requests within 30 days of submission, decides of its validity and informs the requester of the decision in writing. (in case of all proccessings)


6.  Complaint handling

6.1 If you think that Virgo Systems isn’t processing your personal data in accordance with this privacy policy or your rights couldn’t be completely practiced please connect our data protection officer through the channels above.

6.2 In case of violating your rights in relation to personal data you can file a complaint to the authorities through the following channels:

Authority: Nemzeti Adatvédelmi és Információszabadság Hatóság
Mailing address: 1530 Budapest, Pf.: 5.
Address: 1125 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22/c
Phone: +36 (1) 391-1400


6.3 In case of illegal personal data processing you can turn to a court of justice as well.


May 24, 2018

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