Virgo Spica

Unique CMS framework for custom design of high-availability web portals for medium and large enterprises.

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Flexible CMS framework with a lot of freedom for unique online web portal development. Its ready-made modules allow to quickly create complex and unique solutions.

Content Management System

Continuously improved framework that serving the latest business and user needs

Serving complex customer needs

Flexibly expandable, quickly configurable, secure and scalable solution.

Multi portal environment

Multi portal content management can be provided from a single admin interface

Virgo Spica is easy to use, scalable and offers multi-level authorization management on multiple levels, making it ideal for creating and hosting high-availability enterprise web portals.

Virgo Spica web portal engine

Friendly and easy to use
  • Intelligent WYSIWYG editor interface
  • Autocomplete functions
  • Scheduled launch and undo funtions
  • Related content suggestion
Marketing tools
  • SEO support
  • Analytics
  • Email and newsletter sending functions
  • Document import
  • SSO user management
  • Multilevel authorization management
  • Version control and management
  • Monitoring és reports
Technological excellence
  • Cloud based, scalable architecture
  • Up to date logging and monitoring
  • Continuous improvement and integration
  • Apache Lucene based search engine
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