Enterprise solutions

Our experienced business analysts and experts support your project implementation with reliable technologies and proven methodology

Virgo provides a full range of services from professional customer needs assessment to project design and development to operation

  • Project outsourcing
  • Onsite and remote project management
  • Planning, preparing and supporting agile IT projects
  • Scalable cloud hosting

Virgo Enterprise IT Solutions

With two decades of enterprise customer experience, we deliver unique, complex solutions from identifying a business problem through planning to project implementation and measuring results.

20 years of corporate project experience

In a mature, continuously developed agile approach, we create custom developments for our partners, rewrite their existing systems and expand them with additional design and development as needed.

  • Project management in a global environment
  • Scrum teams lean approach
  • Agile IT consulting and operations

We develop digital competitiveness and deliver business results

We plan, develop and operate flexible, scaleable, widely available and secure systems in an enterprise environment.

  • Web portals and custom business management software development
  • Strict quality and law compliance
  • Excellent business references
  • 100+ devs, QA testers and DevOPS experts
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