Product design

IT projects in safe hands: we help our clients in achieving their goals via business-oriented, human-centered UX/UI design.

Based on Design Thinking

We firmly believe that Design Thinking is today’s most effective problem-solving methodology. With client needs in mind, we get to know the users, define business goals, and test our solution before implementation. Thereby design shifts from a self-serving aesthetic experience to a risk-mitigating investment.

Product Design = business + users + technology

The Product Design method goes beyond any classical industry approach. Along with planning, we act for client needs, and we don’t forget about technology either.

  • End-to-end client representation
  • Keeping technology constraints in mind
  • Solid understanding of users and the market
  • Aiming for long term sustainability
  • Developing real partnerships

Quality and expertise throughout the product’s lifecycle

Virgo’s Product Design know-how is based on unique expertise in the field of design and research. We work with highly qualified experts along with dedicated management resources.

  • UX research, competitor analysis, workshops
  • Creating personas, tracking user journeys
  • Synthesizing information architectures and wireframes
  • Branding, visual design, brand management
  • Prototyping, testing, development support

Creating business value through user experience

The added value of Product Design can be measured in user engagement. We can help in making the target audience love our client’s product or service.

  • Reducing bounce rate, higher conversion
  • Increasing cart value, more frequent purchasing
  • Creating market entry strategies
  • Coordinating different digital platforms
  • Adapting modern digital trends

Designing the services of the future

Our Service Designers can help in simplifying complexity by optimizing services that benefit both customers and employees.

  • Idea validation workshops
  • Service Design training
  • Customer experience optimization
  • Personalized co-creation workshops
  • Employee experience enhancement
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