ANDA Present Group

The international Anda Present Group currently manufactures and distributes unique promotional merchandise in 32 countries. To renew their existing online shop they were after a flexible e-commerce framework that can be adjusted to their personal needs.

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Anda Present Group
Virgo esettanulmányok - Anda Present projekt

B2B and B2C hybrid webshop

The online store serving both companies and individual customers or you could say a both B2B and B2C portal can offer a wide variety of comfort and business functions to partners and resellers on top of regular webshop functions.

One of which is the B2B solution of the merch branding procedure that offers customization of an uploaded logo on any selected product. The created design goes straight to production speeding up the delivering process by lightyears.


Unique B2B support: white label webshop generator

  • Stock information with scheduled date of arrival for delayed-action orders
  • Up to date product, stock and price information for resellers in an xml feed
  • Displaying ERP invoices
  • Making an offer, in case of accepting it, sending the content to the shopping cart
  • ERP customer closure and notification management on online surfaces

Unique reseller support: white label webshop generator

COOL-SHOP, a webshop generator developed by Virgo helps resellers in sales maximizing.

Resellers using COOL-SHOP can create their own online store through an admin site so they can resell every Anda Present product with ease. The white label webshop can partially be configured by design elements supporting their own brand, or by creating alternative product categories and pricing. Turning off webshop functionalities can make it work as an online catalogue.

Broad variety of product variations and complex interface designer modul

The administrator interface is a great solution to load core product structure, import and manage numerous possibilities caused by the wide selection of products. The personally developed complex interface designer modul makes the Anda Present webshop one of a kind and through it all products can be customized by the user to the smallest detail.

The designer modul also allows a more accurate price estimation, creates mockups of the design accompanied by an approving and rejecting system the communication between the designer team and the customer is speedier and more efficient.



The implementation was carried out on the following technological bases:

  • PHP Symfony Framework
  • Bootstrap
  • MySQL
  • Apache Lucene
  • Node.js
  • Angular

Implementation of a new ERP system

Right at the beginning of the development began the enterprise resource planning system’s update. The Microsoft Navision ERP system they had was replaced by the Virgo Corbis supported Business Central version.

Project timing and continuous task-reprioritisation was key when connecting them to the new enterprise resource planning system. To do that agile methodology was a great solution, because it helps us flexibly manage and accommodate newly appearing client needs during our development process.

Gaál Tamás
The greatest challenge of the project was to connect and ensure continuous communication between the 3 systems (ERP, online store, production support). We gained valuable experience through learning of the industry’s characteristics. It was great to see how the client and developer team worked together in finding solutions to suddenly appearing problems. The most exciting part of the project was developing the web to print process.
Tamás Gaál

E-commerce manager, ANDA Present Group

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