Telecommunications company in Hungary

UX-focused complete digital renewal: website and webshop design, development and operation

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The beginnings of cooperation

In the summer of 2017, one of Hungary’s leading mobile service providers launched a tender for the development and operation of its e-commerce platform. The goal of the planned longer-term collaboration was the customer-centric development of the company’s digital interfaces, enabling the company to provide fast and flexible service, adapting to ever-changing user needs.



Working for one of Hungary’s leading telecommunications companies is a really exciting challenge. We were given an excellent opportunity to take advantage of the synergies inherent in the Virgo Group and to leverage our experience in the field of e-commerce.

This project provided an excellent opportunity to take advantage of the different synergies inherent in Virgo Group, as well as our experience in the corporate and e-commerce sectors. Our tasks ranged from UX design consultancy and strategizing to implementation, followed by deployment, and operational support.

Virgo - folyamataink
UX/UI Design

User experience journeys

We designed an intuitive interface relying on research data consisting of customer feedback, user interviews, and pre-testing. Our experts synthesized results into user personas with interests and typical user habits during two months of intensive work. As a result, every page visitor can now conveniently access personalized content, and easily engage with functions. Furthermore, online administration became more efficient.

During our several-month research phase, we learned about the company structure and the needs of different segments and the specifics of telecommunications service providers. Together with the client, we restructured the entire page structure, created main entrances, and defined primary user journeys.


Custom portal and webshop development

Following the agile development approach, the development was preceded by thorough preparation, so the task could be well planned and we updated and sharpened pages and elements in several phases, as well as the admin interfaces needed to maintain them and the background API connections needed to operate them.

During the project, we used Virgo’s proven frameworks: for content management we used Virgo Spica and for e-commerce we used Virgo Corbis.

These two frameworks have already proved their worth in several high-load architecture projects. Scalability and high availability, as well as monitorable operation, serve the needs of the telco company with excellent results.

Frontend pride

The most interesting and complex task was to create a bid configurator on the end page of the product. A prototype was made specifically for this, which was built into the product after user testing, summarizing the feedback.

Backend challenge

From a backend point of view, the challenge was to manage a lot of API connections, implement error handling processes, how to process the product catalog produced by the backend systems, and customize and improve some of Virgo Corbis’ existing solutions (eg tariffs, multiple prices per product, etc.)

The administration of the English and Hungarian pages has been integrated in a common CMS maintenance interface. It provides an easy-to-use user interface for content managers and acts as a central dashboard where processes are transparent and manageable.
  • A brand new, user-friendly look&feel for portal home page design
  • The size of the website which originally consisted of 600 pages, has been reduced significantly
  • Optimized page loading for fast online administration
  • Reduced the bounce rates in user processes
  • On average, the systems serves 3-4 million page views securely per month
Virgo esettanulmányok - Telenor projekt
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