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Trilak Paint Studio is the first step towards e-commerce for the paint shop franchise company.

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Starting point

During 2020, companies with larger and more complex customers also moved towards online sales. Thoughtful and continuous improvement offers them a safe transition – initially by adapting a click & collect solution.

The PPG Trilak paint manufacturing and distribution company was founded in 1907 in Budapest. The market-leading company in Hungary still operates as a subsidiary of PPG, selling about a third of its production abroad.

Due to the rise of online shopping and of course the epidemic situation, the company has decided to take the first decisive step towards online sales. They opted for a quick-start, unique, continuously improved click & collect solution. For the implementation of Trilak Paint Studio, we have created a unique solution that meets the specifics of the franchise business and the complexity of tthe company’s customer base.


Click & collect webshops are excellent solutions for presenting the product range and informing customers, and then directing them to the stores. Another advantage over online catalogs is that they are suitable for promoting products digitally, and make conversions and transactions measurable during online marketing campaigns. It also offers the opportunity for data-based analysis and optimization of various processes.

Serving individual and professional needs

Clients of the long-established dealer include both occasional home renovators and professional painters. The UX and UI design was made by the Virgo Product Design team.

Covering the needs of all customer groups was a major challenge in shaping the customer experience. High-quality in-store service should be provided to both individual customers and professionals. The main goal is for everyone to find the right products quickly, conveniently and with the help they need, so that the different customer journeys do not intersect: regularly returning professionals should not be hindered by offering too much unnecessary information and assistance in product selection, while casual shoppers should receive full service and high-quality assistance. In order to prepare informed decisions, UX research was also conducted to understand the real needs and user habits of the customer base.

Multi portal solution with franchise partner level role management

Another major challenge for the project was the specifics of the franchise business.

As there was no solution supporting the operation of the webshop for the central, up-to-date registration of the activities and stocks of the franchise partners, we achieved its fast and efficient operation by expanding the admin functions.

  • a termékpaletta bővítése
  • az árak importálása
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  • és hogy a színpaletta alapján virtuális termékeket kezeljen a rendszer

Based on the first feedback from the franchise partners, a well-thought-out and demanding solution was created, which provides a solid basis for the continuous, step-by-step development of the company’s digital marketing and sales channels.

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