Drogerie Markt Hungary

Agile development project of a business management system to support, digitize and automate marketing and procurement procedures

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The drugstore-chain was after a developer partner that can recode their key management system. The key of this system is to optimize the corporation’s complex marketing and buying procedures and to plan and manage promotions with their suppliers. Our reason to call this cooperation a success is that it was followed by another joint project later on with the client.


Marketing decision support and budget planner system

DM developed an extensive and ever growing, product and brand promotional cooperation with its supplying partners on 80-100 different platforms offering them continuous product promotion in a wide variety of media from eDMs and in store displays to billboards. In order to make navigation in this incredibly complex system easy and simple they decided to let go of their old management system.


Agile development and project management

At the start of the project not even the client could list all functionalities needed developing and they wanted to keep a close eye on the work of the developer team so regular development methods were of no use, our agile perspective was the way to go.

The two week long interactive development-sprints, the regular delivering of the completed functionalities, the full transparency and the bounding cooperation guaranteed maximum client satisfaction. At the end of the project we united for an internal presentation of the application of the agile framework to the management and employees of the DM team.



The project became our favorite for multiple reasons. The DM team’s openness to a professional cooperation and to a new agile management and developing process granted us a lot of freedom. The complexity of their management process was our greatest challenge. Getting to know how their purchasing, logistic, marketing and finance departments work, figuring out the needs and connection between each of these divisions was a fascinating journey. We’re proud to say that we were so effective in mapping out and understanding all those things that through our suggestions the client was able to simplify their workflow.

We concluded a thorough investigation with not only the client’s management team and their IT department, but with the leaders of each affected division and with the soon to be consumers through interviews and workshops to design the best user interface and frontend product.

Main technology and framework we used:

  • Java
  • Vue.js
  • YAML


  • Less time spent with administration
  • A flexible and user friendly system was developed
  • Recurring processes were automated
  • Through this agile project the client gained practical experience
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