Extreme Digital

We executed the greatest IT project of their existence by completely renewing the backend system that services their webshop.

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Virgo esettanulmányok - Extreme Digital projekt

When starting our collaboration Extreme Digital was Hungary’s best selling online store. When the webshop of the company was founded in 2001 it had to service up to 200 thousand visitors a day from multiple countries in Central Western Europe, it was time for an upgrade. Extreme Digital concluded the greatest IT project of their existence by renewing the backend system that services their online shop.

At the renewing of their webshop along with applying new technologies we had to integrate their existing systems and move the database of products, customers and transactions that has been growing for the last 10 years.

During the project we created an easy to scale online store with a responsive design thanks to our portal engine that we developed.


The project’s greatest challenge was meeting different client needs at the same time. We had to smoothly remodel a huge, multilingual system with all its components while SEO, customer experience and continuously changing client needs couldn’t suffer the slightest damage.

Thanks to our thorough preparation the transition was so successful that the revenue coming from search engines only temporarily dropped a couple of percent. At transitions like this it’s not unusual for a website to lose one tenth of its organic revenue.

Most important client requirements:

  • Smooth redesign of the large, integrated system
  • Renewing every element of the multilingual website
  • Preserving 10 years worth of revenue data
  • Flexibly adjusting to the ever changing client needs
  • Keeping user experience in the focus
  • Significant search engine optimization
  • Advanced authorization management on the administration platform
  • Scalability
  • Responsive design

The execution was based on the following technological foundation:

  • PHP Symfony Framework
  • Virgo Spica
  • MySQL
  • Apache Lucene
Backend systems

Complex integrated system with a massive database

Extreme Digital’s system was linked to over 30 backend systems (financial institutions, logistical partners, pricecomperisant pages), therefore mapping the online store’s ecosystem and repairing and modifying every element of this spiderweb was a major job. The fact that we weren’t able to test some external systems while we had to pay special attention to preserving every bit of data from a 10 years old database tried to make our smooth transition bumpier. To monitor this process and also to prevent other errors we ran a beta test with invited but real customers for a month before launching the site.

Agile project management

Ever changing client expectations

Due to the pace that the market is changing the client’s expectations have changed too, they launched a new regional site and replaced their courier partner with a new one through the course of the long developing process. But using agile methods to maintain a tight collaboration with the client we could ensure undisturbed advancement for the development team of 16 people.

“All user and order data and hundreds of thousands of product info sheets that we collected over 15 years had to be transferred to the new system. The purpose of the upgrade was to create a developed store system that can easily be expanded with new functions and can be effectively scaled to temporal revenue growth such as the yearly Black Friday sale.” – said Tamás Malindovszky, Extreme Digital’s development manager.

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