One of Hungary's leading tire selling companies entrusted us with an overall digital brand renewal and the digitization of their services. We delivered a website, a webshop, and a mobile application so far.

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About the company

Looking back on 30 years, Gumiflex Ltd. has an inventory of more than fifty brands / has a wide selection of brands when it is coming to reselling products. They also have a nationwide service network and fleet management solutions for both cars and trucks. In addition, their work contributes to NATO’s vehicle manufacturing.

The company was looking for a partner, who could help them to catch up with the online competition. They needed some fresh ideas for online fleet management, reseller, and retail purposes. They asked us to upgrade their digital brand image, to design a new and perfectly user-friendly mobile application, and to develop their e-commerce services.

Establishing and building a digital ecosystem

  • Brand redesign and digital ecosystem
  • UI Kit development
  • New web portal for B2B, B2C sales and vehicle fleet management
  • B2B application for Android and iOS
  • B2C webshop

Target audience and customer demand

The primary user group consists of Gumiflex reseller partners and other tire service professionals. Since they make up the great majority of the audience, we are targeting them with most of our digital solutions.

The overall purpose of service digitization is to replace product orders via e-mail and phone. In the new ecosystem, tire service workers can now place their orders with a few taps on their smartphones. It makes it so much easier to obtain supplies this way: using a mobile application is absolutely situational during work and provides instant gratification.

This solution is also advantageous in the respect of lowering administrative costs. Since it is no longer necessary to collect orders in-house at the end of the day, significant resources are freed up within the company.

Gumiflex application for mobile devices

The Gumiflex application matches platform-specific design criteria (on both iOS and Android). It was built with Ionic cross-platform technology. Various filtering options, bidding modules, and a sophisticated loyalty program make it user-friendly and highly likable.

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