We won the renewal of LogMeIn’s payment solutions on an international tender, where the project goals were expanded during our collaboration to spread the agile approach on an organization level.

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Virgo esettanulmányok - LogMeIn projekt

LogMeIn was looking for a solution to their licence sales problems. They published an international tender for localizational tasks, currency management and the launching of payment solutions that meet local financial regulations.

The developing task included the integration and renewal of the password management application they purchased in 2015 called LastPass and an app that offers payment solutions called Stripe. In addition to that matching different payment methods and ensuring that their business partners could apply different discounts were also part of the task.

Virgo became the winner of the international tender due to its e-commerce experience.

Transferring and adapting an agile approach in LogMeIn


Virgo assigned two onsite Scrum teams, a Scrum Master and a Product Owner to the project. During the nearly two years long agile development process the client requests were coming from Boston that we developed with the LogMeIn architects and IT team in Budapest. Our joint efforts to start the project were continued by LogMeIn’s own developer team.

The developer team ensuring secure and comfortable password management to the LogMeIn users made spreading the Virgo agile approach within their system to a project goal. To support this we designated an Agile Coach that handed over the Virgo agile practices to the joint developer team.

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